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Pergolabench is a plantainer with seating, designed for fast growing climber plants. It creates shade and more species diversity than container trees.

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Easy Implementation

It is as quick to install as an outdoor planter. No need for pavement works and extra permissions.

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Shaded Seating

Thanks to the growth rate of

climber plants, people can quickly enjoy the beauty and the shade of a green canopy.


Resistant & Diverse

Unlike trees, climber plants nourish well in container. The variety of species can improve urban biodiversity.

Selection of climber plants:

Virginia Creeper

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Sweet Pea

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Climbing Roses

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Silver Lace Vine

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Humulus Lupulus

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Implementation of a Pre-grown plant

1. Pre-Grown plants in nursery 

2. Insert plant into the planter

3. Fit pergola structure on top

Shadow size during the hottest hours


A: 2500 mm 

B: 2800 mm

Planter volume: 0.09 m3

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